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National Council and Elder Committee

National Council and Elder Committee Joint Call
The Elder Committee has been very busy and the committee graciously shared their time to join the August AIANEA National Council meeting. Elders Loretta Metoxen, Jim Sappier and Ted Herrera and Committee Chairperson, Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen, gave an update on the work of the committee.


Elders in the 21st Century book is progressing with chapters on the Elders’ biographies, Elder wisdom for the 7 generations and history of their tribes. An Elder DVD is also being worked on to use at the NEDC WEWAI trainings. At the National council meeting the Elders talked about the importance of spiritual healing, eating natural foods provided by Mother Earth in each season, the urgency to address ecosystem health and that climate change is slowly moving and will affect all the world. The Elders started and ended the Council meeting with prayers and brought fresh inspiration and energy to the Council.

We are in need of an Elder Representative for Elder Joe Joaquin. Being an Elder Representative offers a special opportunity to work with and learn from the Elder. Elder Joaquin lives in Arizona. Please contact Tanya Meyer-Dideriksen,, if you are interested in this important and rewarding role.

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